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1 RickBradford  
2 davelentz bike lanes -- traffic use by cars dropped 4000 cars per day. where did they go??? into the neighboring side streets and so causing safety issues in the neighborhoods around the area.
3 MattJohnson quit messing up traffic Mayor Adams
4 Loretta L.Hollister Why can our so called MAYOR(?)change all these roads without , US , HIS WAGE PAYERS, permission or votes? Does he pedal his fanny around town OR does he have some drive him in a CAR?
5 dwaynerivelli master movers 122nd and holgate
6 JeffBusto Senselessly spend more taxpayer dollars on righting this atrocity. Then please leave things alone, without first gaining public consent.
7 RodneyVaughn Bike traffic here doesn't warrant the change. Please change Holgate back. Spend the money on fixing pot holes and improving streets for automobiles.
8 LesBradford We want our street back
9 JasonSchibel  
10 VanessaStewart Long live the Tea Party