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21 DavidWeed Please restore SE Holgate ASAP. Thanks.
22 DaleHardway This lane has got to go. Allowing bicyclists to break laws and choke traffic is unacceptable.
23 AnthonyMansfield  
24 ChristopherCostello Yes, very little use and bad idea....
25 AlbertMendoza  
26 JohnWalton remove this bike lane and restore 4 lanes like it was
27 DavidFeeley I drive up to Tony's Garden Center a lot, the bike lane is rather annoying.
28 TerriDeuel Please remove these unused bike lanes. The reduced traffic flow is killing local small businesses.
29 Cheryl L.Witkowski  
30 RickFernández Enough is enough. The city is forcing something on the vast majority that it does NOT want. Doesn't democracy count for anything? Far and away, most people drive. Taking 4 lane roads down to 2 lanes is extremely poor planning.