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31 MarkAlmblad  
32 GasparAguila Definately a huge wast of money and a an even bigger inconvenience to residents. I rarely ever see a bike on these lanes and the traffic has definately become worse on what once was a fairly calm street. An entire vehicle lane used as a bike lane?
33 CharlesRobinson I'm sick of these types of projects. Downtown they converted half of Stark Street into a bike lane, which is barely used and causes congested car traffic. Except in the downtown area, bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk. Let them ride there!
34 MarqueRemior I am opposed to the buffered bike lane. Very few use the bike lane and many riders still ride in the parking lane. I WANT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS. It takes too long to enter onto Holgate from side streets becasue the cars are traveling in one lane.
35 VanceLongwell There was a massive, 'shoulder', between the curb-side fog-line, and the curb before this goofy implementation. Please restore SE Holgate to it's original condition. There was simply no need for a bike-lane here.
36 JanOrr Thank you Bradfords for doing this for all of us!!
37 KC ..........................................Holgate has a bike lane....WTF....enough said.....
38 BettyClemmer I was at the meeting most did not want the bike lanes
39 GeraldClemmer no bike lanes
40 JenniferWronski