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41 jasonwronski  
42 LisaKalin This project was pushed through without regard to proper procedure, safety or liability. This must be illegal.
43 ShelleyChase Bad idea. I've only seen 3 bikers using it. Created huge unnecessary delays for autos.
44 RichApplegate The barely used bike lane has not improved safety on Holgate. It has caused congestion and angry drivers on Holgate and the side streets where cars try to access Holgate now that traffic backs up w/only 2 lanes instead of 4.
45 merrilsouth  
46 ClarenceSmith I have lived in the Foster-Powell neighborhood for the past 40 years and as some one that has been on that stretch of Holgate for around 30+ years I can tell you that this buffered bike lane is a big waste of money and time.
47 TimothyPrice Return Holgate back to what it was. I am tired of the bikes having more rights than I do. I travel Holgate 7 days a week going to work. Thats right I have to work 7 days a week to be able to pay for the nice bikes and so Sam Adam can get paid!
48 TinaByers What they have done to Holgate really SUCKS. I have grown up and still live off of Holgate. This is a total JOKE. I would LOVE to see the video that has at 191 people riding down Holgate in one day! RESTORE HOLGATE!!!!
49 LisaHudiburg I attended the meeting at the church a few months back. I think it was strictly a PR meeting and the City is not going to do anything. I think their approach is it is easier to Ask forgiveness, than Permission and we are stuck.